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Science Fiction books, Read books online, Online books, Scifi stories
Science Fiction books, Read books online, Online books, Scifi stories
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Chapter Three pages 50-52

“Look.” Marlin said as changed the screen to the global council building. “Right now Dr. Marx is in his room logging onto his computer. Hang on a sec his password is ILOVELUCY. It’s not me something’s wrong it’s possible that if a large magnetic field is in that area it would restrict delta wave movement.” He continued.

The crackling of a mike set echoed through the large testing room. Geo was standing there and immediately begun calling in orders. Sending a titan and two aurora crafts to each site.

He then ordered Marlin to call up each area on the screen so he could relay in GPS coordinates and order the crafts to investigate.

“Titan Asia in position at the China coordinates. We’re currently hovering the area sir, there’s nothing below us but forest.” The radio crackled.

“Fire your rail guns at the precise coordinates you were given.” Geo instructed.

The large ship let out a barrage of fire at the coordinates. In seconds the hologram disappeared and exposed the great pyramid of China. The capstone was blown off and large sections of stone were missing on the south and east sides.

“Sir, I don’t know what just happened, ah I haven’t ever seen anything like it.” The ships captain responded.

“Spit it out captain.” Geo ordered.

“Well sir the forest just disappeared. Now there’s a large pyramid sitting in front of us. There must have been some kind of hologram cloak of something.” The captain replied.

“What kind of shape is it in? Geo asked.

“The capstone has been completely blown off and there’s three large craters in the sides of it.” The captain responded.

“Blow it apart.” Geo ordered.

“Yes sir.” The captain responded. “Arm the pulse cannon and fire on the target sergeant.” He continued. The craft drifted away to the right a bit and fired the cannon. As fast as the pulse hit the pyramid a large dust cloud rose from the ground reaching high into the air. When the dust settled nothing was left but a pile of powder.

“Target destroyed.” The captain responded over the radio.

“Good, send teams in to inspect the damage.” Geo ordered. “Marlin, arm the space cannons and destroy the remaining targets.” He continued as Marlin followed through with his order.

The elevator door opened and Oz stepped into the testing area.

“What’s all the excitement about?” Oz asked.

“We located the anomalies we reported earlier. “They turned out to be rebel hideouts using some hologram to cover their base.” Geo answered. "We've sent teams in to report the damage, thay should be in position in a few minutes."

“Great then we can move onto bigger and better things.” Oz responded. “I want phase two finished by the morning Geo."

"Marlin, I want you to concentrate on finding this man.” He continued as he handed Marlin a folder. Marlin opened the folder and held the picture of Dr. Cole about eye level gazing at it for a few moments then placing it back to scan over the remainder of the file.

“Dr. Kern, you come with me.” He finished turning and walking towards the control room.

Oz was walking quickly to the control room. Kern was trotting to keep up with him. She caught up as he stopped at the control station.

“How far along is the phase two project?” Oz asked.

“Almost an hour ahead of schedule.” Kern answered

“Great, then you my dear will start on phase four, double check the codes and make sure it’s timed properly.” Oz ordered as he finished browsing through a few screens and departed down the hallway. Oz entered a large office and sat down at the desk. After pressing a couple of keys on a small device Jennings appeared on a holographic conference screen.

“We found and eliminated the anomalies sir. Apparently they were rebel hideouts.” Oz began. We’ve sent salvage teams to dig through the rubble and collect anything of value.

“What about Cole?” Jennings barked.

“Marlin has his file and is already began the search.” Oz replied. “Phase two will be complete by five am if we stay at our current page.”

“Phase four, has Kern begun?” Jennings asked.

“Dr. Kern has begun phase four preparations. They will be ready in about an hour.” Oz replied.

“Great I want to push phase four to start an hour before the press conference.” Jennings stated as he disconnected communication and Oz exited the room to tell Dr. Kern the news.

8:04 Ophysis pyramid

“This is the most relaxing bath I’ve ever had.” Sylvia said as she slowly pushed through the water. “Can you believe all of this, I mean it’s hard for me to grasp.” She continued.

“Which part, the fact that my father is alive and lives in a secret scientific community, or the part where we got a brain download. Or better yet the fact that we have metal critters running around in our bodies?”

“I was talking about the decorations silly. These ancient people knew how to live.” Sylvia replied with a smile.

“That would be a woman’s response.” Frank replied as Amanda peered through the doorway.

“Get dressed and get up to the room now.” Amanda remarked with a sense of urgency.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I don’t know exactly but hurry.” She replied as her head disappeared around the corner. Sylvia and I quickly exited the bath and tossed on our clothing. We left the bath at a trot, as we exited the main entrance and headed for the stairs I noticed all of the craft had arrived.

When we entered the room Dr. Samuels was finishing what sounded like a pep talk to a large group. As soon as he finished almost everyone left the room. Moving like bees to the command of their queen, they left the room quickly and dispersed throughout the pyramid.

“ Five of our sites were just destroyed by the global council Frank.” My father said after the crowd dispersed. “We lost a total of eight hundred and forty six people so far and have four craft still out with nowhere to go.” He continued.

“How’s that you have shields to stop them from detecting you right?” I asked.

“We thought they were undetectable.” Molly announced. “Look at this.” She continued as she motioned us over to view the screen. “I just got into the third disk and look at what I found.” She continued as she pointed to a schematic of a machine. “This is what Jennings calls the reader. It’s a program that allows someone with enough psychic ability to tap into M.A.B.I.S.” She finished.

“Meaning?” Sylvia asked.

“Simply put, it works like the NIL program except the download contains the entire MABIS program. The psychic’s mind is then able to control and react to anything within the reader program, which I don’t need to remind you is everything.” Molly finished.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Chapter three pages 47-49

“Disk two is loading now.” Sylvia replied. I could hear feet shuffling up the last flight of stairs as Molly and Amanda entered into the room. Molly was carrying a small pile of cloth in her arms. As she got closer, I could see it was clothes and bath towels.

“Sylvia, Amanda can take it from here. Let’s get you two cleaned up. The bath is on the bottom floor, south wall.” Molly said as she handed me a stack of clothes and a towel, quickly walking to Sylvia and handing her a set also.

“Make it quick, we’ll be done here in about thirty minutes.” My father announced from behind the console.

Sylvia and I exited the room and quickly made our way down the stairs. On our way, the door opened again and another craft entered the pyramid. Sylvia entered through the open archway first. There was a large wall on the right of the doorway. It was built of small stones and covered with silver metal. It appeared as if these stones were painted with pure silver.

Halfway down the wall sat another doorway, above it was a few strange markings. I was amazed when Sylvia and I both understood the writing. The markings read; Bath of the God Ophysis. Divine Ruler of the world, Speaker to the Gods.

The archway opened up exposing a large steaming pool. Eight small stone cabinets coated with gold, lined the outer wall with benches. The pool was tiled with white marble mica and shimmered when the lights struck it. In all four corners sat identical lights we had seen in the east room. Sylvia moved over to one side of the room, so I naturally proceeded to the other.

As I undressed I noticed the wound on my abdomen was gone. I rubbed it to make sure what I was seeing was real. When I turned to enter I saw Sylvia entering into the pool, she was quite stunning for a thirty five year old woman. She blushed and turned her back to me while submersing herself in the warm water.

7:49 Global Council Center Jennings office

Oz enters through the door as Jennings is finishing a phone conversation. He scratches a few things down on paper after he hangs up.

“Just the man I was looking for. Geo had a few enticing bits of information. All of the duplicates are ready to go and he’ll have Marlin inside the reader within the next few minutes.” Jennings said.

“That’s great.” Oz replied. “I bring good news also, we’re searching for three more high risk citizens other than Cole and the girl. All the other high risk citizens are in custody and the alpha’s have started phase two”

“Good bump up the timeline for phase two then.” Jennings replied.

Marx enters the room and announces. “We’ve got a problem, as soon as Dr. Kern put Marlin in the reader we found a lot of unknown movement within the M.A.B.I.S sphere. Our field agents have had multiple reports of strange aircraft sightings in obscure parts of the world. The descriptions do not match the aurora or titan class crafts we have.”

“Why aren’t we shooting them down before they get into the atmosphere? Oz replied.

Marx replied. “They’re not coming from space. These are coming from somewhere here on earth.” Marx continued. We can track trace elements with the reader, but that’s a long shot. Not one of the Titan craft or Aurora’s on patrol has detected anything yet.”

“If you lower the aurora fleet to six hundred feet you’ll find them.” Oz insisted. “We should deploy all the craft and step up the search immediately. Scan the globe by reader quadrant, use Marlin to assist you.”

“Set the ion cannons on the satellites to air to ground.” Jennings asked.

“Brilliant.” Oz replied. I’ll call Kern and tell her to direct the cannons towards the surface.” He continued.

“What are we going to do about Cole and the girl?” Marx said.

“I had Geo wire a team of Charlie’s into the M.A.B.I.S reader. When Marlin finds them, the Charlie’s will know.” Jennings replied. “Oz, I want you to get to Utah and oversee the phase four preparations and the search for Cole. The craft is ready you can leave right now.”

“I’ll see you two tomorrow evening then.” Oz replied as he exited the room.

“Come here Nathaniel.” Jennings said as he motioned him over to the bookcase. Jennings reached for a small box and carefully lifted it off the shelf. He turned and set the box on a small round table separating Nathan and Jennings. Jennings then reaches into his pocket to retrieve a small triangular shaped gem. Very carefully he placed the gem in a small engraved triangle on the lid. When it settled into its place a small drawer popped open. Jennings slowly opened the small drawer and said as he retrieved a tightly wound scroll about the length of your fingertips to your wrist.

“This box is over fourteen thousand years old Nathan, passed down from father to son for every generation of my bloodline from almost the very beginning. The first moving invention made an Atlantian citizen. The bottom of the lid has a crystal that is polarized. When the stone is placed on the lid it cancels out that charge and the box releases the drawer.”

“That is pure genius” Marx replied.

“But that’s not as interesting as what’s on this scroll.” Jennings continued as he walked to his desk and started carefully unrolling the ancient scroll.

“This scroll is thirteen feet in length and separated into thirteen columns each column is a foot wide.” Jennings finished. Marx was intrigued with the writing and the sheer amount of information on the scroll itself. From top to bottom, beginning to end in very small writing was ancient text covering the entire paper. The last column was strange it was strewn with different languages and clearly separated into two list. One list was in red ink the other in black. Each one started in ancient writing and changed many times to newer languages as the list went on.

“Each column tells the zodiac story from beginning to end Nathan. Inscribed by one of the original members of the brotherhood of light. Bara, the god of astrology wrote this himself. By calculating the stars movements he wrote prophetic verses for each year according to their future positions. This scroll has foretold the rise and fall of every great nation since Atlantis.” Jennings said.

“That is remarkable.” Marx replied. “What is in the last column? He continued.

“That’s the part I want to discuss with you. The red ink represents one bloodline. The black ink represents another. Each line is the name of the son that was passed the scroll.” Jennings answered.

“What does the black ink mean?” Marx asked.

“The black ink is a direct bloodline that goes all the way back to Jeqon. He was the leader of hundreds of gods that descended to earth. He married the first granddaughter of Cain the son of Adam.” Jennings replied. “The red ink represents the bloodline of Seth, Adams third child. If you look at the black column you’ll notice there is no spaces left. Look at the bottom right of the last list.” He continued. Marx leaned over the scroll and peered at the final name on the black side, Kenneth Michael Jennings it read.

“Now look at the red one.” Jennings ordered. Marx moved to the red column and noticed there was room for one more name and it had yet to be written.

“It’s not finished.” Marx said.

“On the contrary my dear friend.” Jennings replied as he walked over to his desk and grabbed a small black light. Jennings then took and cast the light onto the scroll revealing a long random set of numbers.

“What is it? Marx asked.

“That’s what you’re going to find out for me.” Jennings replied as he wrote the numeric sequence down on a piece of paper and handed it to Marx. “That code is the key to our plan. It holds the name of the only person that can stop us. The best code breakers in the world have worked on it for thousands and none with any success. But the prophecy here.” Jennings continues as he points to the bottom portion of the twelfth column. “It tells of a man that will break it and that man is you.”

“Thousands of years?” I asked.

“That code was put on this scroll the day it was finished. Both of these columns of names were empty the only thing was this code on the last line. So you could imagine what lengths men have went to solve this puzzle over the ages.

“What does it say about me exactly?” Marx asked.

“It says the last man that reads this scroll will solve it.” Jennings said as he ran his finger along the passage. “I’m the last name which means all prophecies will be fulfilled before I pass. So that means you’ll crack the code.”

“Well stop running your yap and I’ll get to work.” Marx replied. “I’m going to my suite, start working these numbers and prepare for our trip in the morning.”

“Hold on I’ll follow you out.” Jennings replied as he rolled the scroll stopping at the thirteenth column. He proceeded to pull out a knife from the top drawer of his desk and very carefully severed the document. The first cut separated the last column from the twelve. The second cut divided the list of red names and black names. Then he placed the large portion and the red named scrolls back in the box.

7:59 Utah Facility Testing area

“Dr. Kern, I’ve got a lock on some of the activity. I’ve found five anomalies on the ground with activity coming into them.” Marlin said sitting behind a large circular console. A small skull cap sat on his head with several large wires running from the back to the console. Projected around him in 3d was a perfect holographic image of earth. Five small red dots were blinking on the screen. Marlin touched a couple of things on the board and a smaller image with a zoomed picture of the location showed.

“Are you getting anything? Kern asked.

“That’s strange, I can read the presence of thirty or so people. I just can’t get anything, I know they’re there.” Marlin responded.

“What do you mean you can’t get anything?” Kern replied.

“Exactly what I said I’m not able to get a lock on any of them. Just nothing.” Marlin answered agitated by her demeanor.
“You’re the best remote viewer the star gate program ever had. You can’t go soft on me now.” Kern stated.
Science Fiction books, Read books online, Online books, Scifi stories
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